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My Story

I was diagnosed with MS in September of 2016 after suffering an acute neurological attack. My right leg lost all muscle control and was in excruciating pain. My left arm became clumsy and weak. My head was in a crazy fog. After my whole left side went numb and an emergency room doc sent me for my first MRI, I headed to Mayo in Rochester MN to find out what exactly was wrong with me. I hoped I was a crazy hypochondriac:) It was there I was given more MRI’s, a spinal tap and began 5 days of IV steroid infusions to stop the suspected attack. I was ultimately diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS.

With odds of another attack at 100%. I returned from the hospital barely able to climb my stairs. After a good nights sleep, I woke up, put on my running shoes and realized that there was zero chance I was running the day after I returned from getting the shit kicked out of me:) However. I would return to the trails 9 days later.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t wallow in my chronic illness. I needed something to do. I decided I was going to raise money to help find a cure. I needed a charity. I met Liz from Race to Erase MS in the parking lot of the grocery store. She listened to me cry and tell my story for the first time. At that moment she handed me a family. My MS family.

There are over 2.5 million people in the world that live with, struggle from, and battle MS. I am beating it. It is my mission to share my story. To educate and bring awareness to this chronic bully and raise all the money I can to find a cure.

I have raised over 70k in the past 5 years for the “center without walls” a fab forum of world class neurologists that work TOGETHER to find a cure. I have started traveling and leading donation events to show everyone this bully does not have me!! I will not stop asking for money until a cure is found. I am so grateful for the love and support these last few years while I figure out all this chronic nonsense. YOU keep me going. Together we will find peace love and a cure.